Smiles for a LifetimeThe Surgeon General ranks oral healthcare as the number one most common chronic disease in children, five times greater than asthma. Approximately one-third of the children in South Carolina are in need of dental care. In the regions Welvista serves more than 75% of the children are unable to receive oral healthcare. The lack of oral healthcare and subsequent pain impacts the ability in children’s learning.

Smiles Staff

Smiles for a Lifetime, a division of Welvista, offers children from limited income families of a South Carolina a accessible channel to receive timely, effective and quality oral healthcare services. The program operates in four school-based centers located in Allendale, Dillon, Manning and Summerton. Students receive consent forms on the first day of school in each district. From August 2014 through May 2015 3,370 students received dental services at one of the four Smile Centers.

Mailing Address:
PO Box 221
Allendale, SC 29810
Phone: 803.584. 4803

Smiles Allendale:
PO Box 221
Allendale, SC 29810
Phone: 803.584.4803

Smiles Dillon:
1730A Highway 301 North
Dillon, SC 29536
Phone: 843.774.6200

Smiles Manning:
16 Weinberg Street
Manning, SC 29102
Phone: 803.435.9555

Smiles Summerton:
P.O. Box 767
Summerton, SC 29148
Phone: 803.478.6277